We’re coming off a busy week here in Nashville!  Not only has it been CMA fest (the biggest event in country music each year!), but it’s also been the Stanley Cup finals (the Super Bowl of Hockey, for you non-hockey people)!  You see, the Nashville Predators have been in this town for 18 season now.  But this season was different.  This season we went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.  This season, if you weren’t a Nashville Predators fan before, you are now.  I was born and raised in this town and I’ve never seen Nashville blow up the way it did over the last several weeks!  We live in a world where sometimes all you here about is the bad, but that’s whats so great about sports. It brings so many people together and in this case, it was thousands upon thousands of people!  The streets of Nashville were covered in blue and gold.  Game nights were shoulder to shoulder on Broadway.  It looked like New Years Eve, but instead it was because of our Nashville Predators.  

We’d made it all the way to game 6 (of potentially 7).  The Nashville Predators had won 2 and the Pennsylvania Penguins had won 3.  It was a have to win game for us.  The Hockey arena was packed (the loudest in the NHL I might add) and the streets were packed, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of fans watching the game on jumbotrons.  There had been no score the whole game, until there was.  The last few minutes of the game, the penguins score.  Predator fans are going crazy in the stands and on the streets.  The time is trickling down and the situation looks grim.  Then with seconds on the clock, the penguins score once again.  We lost the Stanley Cup Finals.  What had been one of the biggest events in the history of Nashville, was over in seconds.  It was not the outcome the players or the fans had imagined.  Naturally, that night we saw tough hockey players cry because they lost the game of their lives.  It was an upset.  But do you know what I saw?  I saw fans that refused to be disappointed.  I saw fans that stood behind their team and wouldn’t let this disappointing game define the journey.  And for that, I was proud of this town, the players and the fans!  

You see, there is something to be learned from playing in the game of your life.  It’s not necessarily about the outcome, but rather the journey that got you there.  It’s what we learned from the journey that matters.  So, win or loose, thank you Nashville Predators for turning this girl into a hockey fan.  


To show my team spirit, I of course dressed head to toe in my Predators gear, complete with a SMASH hat and gold earrings.  Head on over to the Style Market to find some similar earrings.

Even my goldendoodle Samson Bear got in on the fun in his SMASH hat!