Welcome to Sunday in the South Market! We’re so glad you stopped by. Sunday in the South Market has been a dream in the making for many years and we are so elated to finally see it come to fruition!  


Sunday in the South Market was born when Deborah + Rachel, who just so happen to be mother + daughter, took the leap of faith by combining their love for fashion, home décor + dogs in a one of kind shopping experience. That’s right, you’ll find a little a bit of everything while shopping our Market. Rachel has always had a love for fashion and accessories. In fact, she believes with the right accessories, you can create the perfect styled outfit! It was through her love for fashion, and wanting others to feel their most beautiful and confident selves that the Style Market was born. It’s not only a place for ladies to find that perfect outfit and accessory, but also a place to find the perfect, most adorable outfit for that little girl in your life too.

Deborah has always enjoyed the art of creating the perfect space inside the home. The Home Market was born through her passion for decorating and helping others create the perfect, timeless look that inspires them to make their house a home. The Home Market is a place where you’ll find the perfect gifts, accessories and some fresh inspiration for your own home.

And we can’t forget the Dog Market, a place where you’ll find dog accessories for that adorable pup in your life.  You might even find something for yourself too! Let’s be real, we love dogs and are so thankful for the special joy they bring to our everyday lives, in a way that only they can do! Rachel’s Goldendoodle puppy, Samson Bear (pictured to your right), as well as our sweet pup freckles, has brought much joy and love to our families lives.  While shopping the Dog Market, we hope you find something special for you and your lovable pup. 

You may be wondering… why ‘Sunday in the South Market’?! We love Sunday’s! And, we love the south! Growing up in the south, Sunday was a slow day and to us, it still is. It’s God’s day. Church day. Family day. Nap day. Brunch day. A slow Sunday in the South was our inspiration when establishing this Market. So whether you’re from the North, East, South or West, we hope you enjoy visiting Sunday in the South from the comfort of your own home. While you’re here, be sure to shop the Style Market, Home Market + Dog Market! We appreciate you and hope you find something that you love! 

Blessings from the South!


Deborah + Rachel


“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come”

Proverbs 31:25